About Us

The Company was established in Centurion in March 2000.  It was Kiewiet du Toit’s passion and vision that led to Cent  
Construction being the successful Building and Development Company it is today. 
The main goal for the company is to always act with dignity and respect. 
Dignity:   To honour agreements with our suppliers, contractors, and buyers at all costs.
Respect: To respect each individual and company for his or her own values and needs.
With 35 years of experience in the Building Industry, we offer our buyers homes that have been built with excellent 
workmanship and knowledge at affordable and competitive prices.

We pride ourselves in giving a personal and quality service.  Being a family business, we are building a future for our children  
and grandchildren. 
We aim to build a reputation of trust and confidence in the company.  This is the reason why there is a hand-on approach with 
personal supervision over the contractors from the preparation of the foundations up to attending to retention matters at
the end of the project.
Cent Construction specialises in Sectional Title developments, currently in the East of Pretoria.
Our market is targeted towards buyers who are buying their first property or investors obtaining a second property, as we 
offer affordable houses with good security and finishes. Our properties are very popular with buyers due to our ‘value for 
money’ approach.